Life gets busy. Classes get overwhelming. Work gets exhausting. Family time feels few and far between. The holidays are coming up, which can often include financial stress, familial tension, and an impossible number of time commitments. 

Anxiety is setting in just typing this out. When do we even have time to breathe? 

Isn't this what coffee shops are for? Giving yourself time to enjoy that first sip, to hold tight to the warmth of a steaming cup of coffee, to breathe the smell of chai before you taste it, to give yourself a break - even just for a second. 

Coffee shops are for carving out time to sit and chat, to catch up with someone you haven't seen in awhile, to meet up with a new friend, a new love interest, a new partner in an exciting new business adventure. 

Coffee shops are for giving yourself space to work independently, to take a fresh look, to give yourself a fresh start, to dig into school, or work, or art - to focus. 

We can't wait until we're able to give you this space, to provide well-crafted beverages and give you opportunities to connect and support great local artists and musicians. We can't wait until we have a place for you to come and study, to meet, to breathe, to regroup and refresh.

Recently we carved out a little time to make some coffee, set out some tables and chairs, and invite people into our pre-renovated space to give them a hint at what's to come.

Here's a look at our night! 


Stay tuned for information on our next event! Check out the rest of our site while you wait and consider supporting our journey to connect and serve the communities of Indianapolis.