The Beginning

In September of 2015, Jeremy Bialek, pastor of Cross Church (formerly Indianapolis Christian Fellowship ), came to us with an idea. They had a building on their campus that he felt had the potential to be used for something other than once a week meetings or sporadic special events. "We think it would make a great coffee shop," he told us, "and we'd like you to help start one."

Now all we have to do is raise the money to do that ... 


The Building

The Lodge sits on 20 acres of land, tucked snugly between Madison Avenue and 456. Built during the 1960's as part of a camp run by the Boy Scouts of America, the building - and surrounding acreage - was purchased by ICF (now Cross Church) in 1978. Their main services were held there until 1985 when they built their new building. Since then, The Lodge has been used for a few reoccurring weekly events as well as some special occasions: youth group banquets, Valentine's Day dinners, and a yearly candlelit Christmas Eve service. 

It has been a hub of craft, connection, and community for decades. And for Jeremy ... and for us ... it just made sense that it should become The Lodge: a community coffeehouse. 


Partners in Coffee

Jessica Mast 

Business & Administration 

I love a good latté. But more than the beverage itself, I love the experience of slowing down my life to enjoy a hot drink.

I love coffee. I love a well-brewed loose leaf tea. I love homemade chai. I love the comfortable feel of an independently-owned coffee shop. I seek them out as often as my budget will allow and in every state and country I visit! 

I've been all over the world...

And now I find myself in Indianapolis. My husband's job and the proximity of family lured us to Central Indiana. My favorite city I have lived in is Denver, Colorado. My favorite small town I've lived in is Sitka, Alaska. And my favorite place to be is with my family in the glorious outdoors. We have found something special, though, here in Indy. Something intangible that's hard to name. We are here for a purpose and I feel blessed to be a part of bringing an independently-owned, night-owl-oriented coffeehouse to the southside of Indy.


Grace Mitchell 

Marketing & Management  

I love chai tea lattés, music, and the soothing sound of muffled conversation and clinking glasses.  

I love cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, anywhere you can sit and enjoy a good drink and great food, talk with friends, or listen to music and the sound of people joining in conversation. It's always been my dream to run a shop that looked like art and sounded like music, a place where people felt comfortable, a place where people could be inspired to create or simply enjoy the company of others. I guess you could say I'm kind of a romantic ... 

Ever since I can remember I've been in love with the city of Indianapolis. 

Indy has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up on the southside and no matter where life has taken me (okay, not that many places: Marion, IN, and Cornwall, NY) I've always known that I would end up back here ... hopefully building and connecting to the community that I love. It's a dream come true to get to do that by helping start The Lodge.